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Acrush is China’s hottest new boy band but they’re actually androgynous girls

pop group Acrush
China’s hottest new pop group Acrush. Photo: Supplied

One of China’s hottest new boy bands, Acrush has just revealed its five members are all female.

The group came together in a competition at the end of last year and will their debut video is released in April.

After several appearances at music exhibitions, Acrush have garnered a massive following on Weibo – the Chinese Twitter. The group already has 900,000 Weibo followers compared to megastar Katy Perry who has 1 million.

Pop star Li Yuchun who rose to fame in 2005 and pioneered the androgynous look, inspired the concept behind Acrush.

For years Chinese agents had the idea to form an androgynous group following Li’s example.

In March last year, Acrush’s agent Zhou Xiaobai started looking for gender fluid performers to make up a new group.

He finally settled on Lu Keran, An Junxi, Peng Xichen, Min Junqian and Lin Fan who are the five members of Acrush.

Acrush are handsome youths

The Acrush members won’t use words like boy or girl when referring to themselves. Rather they prefer the gender-free title meishaonian or handsome youths.

Most of the groups fans are girls who refer to the Acrush members as ‘husbands’, a term usually reserved for male pop stars.

Occasionally they are sent love letters from adoring female fans but Acrush leader Lu Keran, 21, said they never reply.

‘Of course I won’t write back,’ she told Quartz.

The group’s management forbids them from talking about their sexuality.

Not everyone is supportive of Acrush’s gender bending. About 15% of their followers are ‘anti-fans’ and troll the group for their boyish attire.

Acrush comes from the pop group factory, Zhejiang Huati Culture Communication (ZHCC) which is planning on debuting three more girl groups by May.

Each of the groups will have an androgynous or sexy style and each will compete in the Fantasy Football Confederation.

The pop stars have to learn to play soccer and feature it as part of their live performances.

ZHCC CEO Wang Tianhai said his pop stars will play sports to show they are ‘sunny, healthy, and full of positive energy’.

Lu has just started learning the skills to play soccer and enjoys the training ‘even as we get injuries sometimes’.


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