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You need to see these amazing images of guys under water

Canada’s Lucas Murnaghan is building a following with his incredible underwater photography

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Lucas Murnaghan – Lucas Murnaghan has been shooting guys under water since late 2016

The incredible underwater images from a gay photographer based in Canada is picking up a huge following on social media.

Lucas Murnaghan, 41, lives his partner of the past ten years in Toronto. He tells that he does photography as a hobby. His full-time job is as a surgeon in a hospital.

‘I started photography to explore a different side of myself and discovered an aesthetic eye and artistic voice that I never knew existed.

‘Through my photography, I explore feelings, emotions and memories that we all feel from our childhood that are either unprocessed or suppressed and try to emote them through my subjects in an unexpected yet familiar setting.’

‘I’ve always had an affinity for water’

Murnaghan says he only began experimenting with underwater photography in December 2016, although he had been doing surf photography for several years prior to this.

‘My underwater work poses physical, emotional and conceptual challenges both in the creation and the interpretation. I have personally always found solace in the water, and I try to share that emotion with my audience through the images that I create.

‘I’ve always had an affinity for water, so I’m in my happy place when shooting in it.’

His underwater series began when he started shooting members of Ontario’s LGBT Triggerfish water polo team.

‘I started working with Triggerfish, as well as our University swim team. This lead to exploring more editorial and creative shots which has evolved into my current style,’ he says.

‘Early models or subjects were friends or friends of friends, but now projects come from further afield including brands, publications, agencies and other organizations. Instagram has been my main platform to date and is where many of my models and collaborators have come from.’

And when it comes to shooting, Murnaghan confirms that he doesn’t use any special breathing equipment.

‘I don’t use additional SCUBA equipment, I feel it’s important for me and the model/subject to have the same experience underwater, and it facilitates portability and versatility.’

Check out more of his images below and on his Instagram.

‘Regret, I’ve had a few’

‘Solitary confinement’

‘Break on through to the other side’

‘Try a little tenderness’

‘Surface tension’

‘Don’t dream it, be it’

‘Burden to bear’

‘The space between’

‘Teacher of all things’

‘Fall from grace’

Images: Lucas Murnaghan


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