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5 Areas That Men Should (and Should Not) Shave!

How hairy are you? Do you like hairy guys?

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Manscaping might be out of some guys’ league. It’s a personal preference. We get it! After all, body hair is one of the defining features of manhood so why get rid of everything?

However, some lads find it unattractive when they see strands of hair coming out of a man’s shirt or on the back of his neck. We want you to look your best, so we listed the 5 areas of the body that you should – and should not – shave.


There are some areas that are always OK to shave, like your face/neck and there are others you should consider leaving alone and embracing what nature blessed you with. You can choose a smooth face, a beard or an 80’s p-rnstar mustache. Look in the mirror. What do you see? Circle – oval – square – rectangle? Experiment with your facial hair and find the one that you believe suits you better, you might want to consider your gay mates’ opinion as well.

Even with a beard, you still need a good men’s shaving routine to keep it nice and clean though. Watch some YouTuber’s grooming routines to get some ideas.

Chest 🤔

It’s only divisive as a subject because it’s essentially a taste thing. Some men like a hairy chest; others don’t. I personally love men with hairy chests. If your hairs are dark and curly you can consider trimming them a little bit. I mean, if you’ve worked hard at the gym, why hide your hard-won pecs and abs under all that extra hair?


Most guys are not interested in completely shaving their legs, but they will take the length and bulk down with a groomer attachment – just so the leg hair isn’t crazy, bushy and long. It’s strictly a personal choice, but consider that most men like hairy legs.


Thick eyebrows look damn good on men, so I would definitely suggest you keep them rough and masculine. However, if you believe that the hair on your eyebrows starts to grow in a way that it needs maintenance, you can then consider some eyebrow manscaping. There are many options when it comes to eyebrow maintenance, but not all of them are a good idea. It’s better to go to a professional and have them done.

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It’s not difficult to keep things trimmed and neat down there. See it as part of basic hygiene – just like cutting your toenails and washing your hair. You also don’t want your man to floss his teeth with hairs when giving you head.

Remember that is important to be happy with the way you look. Nobody is the boss of you. You can look however you want, you can smell however you want.

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