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Argentine TV claims national soccer team held a ‘bisexual’ sex party

‘The party was bisexual. It was very open’ says Argentinian News Reporter

Argentina National Soccer Team sex party
Wikimedia CH – The Argentina National Soccer Team

Argentinian news is reporting their national soccer team took part in ‘bisexual’ orgy over the weekend.

But without any evidence to support the claim, it appears the whole thing may have been made up – and then widely repeated by other media.

El Trece TV offered plenty of speculation in their story. But they provided no evidence and failed to confirm who apparently attended.

MaleSpace notes none of the Argentinian football squad are openly gay or bi. So while El Trece TV named one footballer they claim was there, we are not going to repeat his name.

‘Supposedly he was one of the organizers,’ they say.

El Trece claimed he was the ‘center of attention’ at the party.

Reporters claim this player hosted the party to help his team mates relax before their big match.

The match took place 5 September.

It was a World Cup qualifying match against Venezuela.

The teams drew with a final score of 1-1.

The Argentine press has widely reported the story, though other media we have seen, have not provided any evidence to prove it actually happened.

‘The party was bisexual. It was very open’

The two reporters discussing the story on El Trece TV were Tomás Dente and Fabian Doman.

Doman alleged the invited guests at the party included ‘two ex-patrons of Big Brother, a brunette, and a blonde. The casting was done by Instagram.’

He said the alleged party took place in the Argentinian city of Pilar on Saturday night (2 Sept).

Dente added ‘someone came from Brazil.’

He claims: ‘The party was bisexual. It was very open.’

The news reporters listed some names of women who attended the rumored party. But they failed to name members of the Argentina national soccer team who attended.


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