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Army cancels booking for its troops because the hotel was scarily gay

Army cancels booking
©Bundeswehr/Marco Dorow

Some members of the German armed forces canceled their stay in a gay hotel because of a naked guy on the website

They are tough enough to fight a war. But German Armed Forces have been scarred off staying in a hotel – because it’s too gay.

In particular, some members of the German Bundeswehr (unified armed forces), didn’t like hitting a icon on a guy’s crotch on the hotel’s website.

The armed forces initially booked eleven rooms in Berlin at the Two Hotel. It’s run by Axel Hotels – a brand primarily aimed at the LGBT community that describes itself as ‘hetero-friendly’.

When personnel from the Ministry of Defence’s Cologne-based Special Air Mission Wing looked at the hotel’s website on the day of their arrival, they decided it was too much.

A spokesperson for the ministry told the Berliner Morgenpost paper the crew thought it ‘obscene’ that ‘in order to book, you need to click a button located in a naked man’s genital region. After that, a change of accommodation was initiated.’

Axel hotel booking
The offending button

The cancellation cost €6,000 and left some people in the Minstry of Defence rather embarrassed.

Especially as the reception team quickly sent an email to Ursula von der Leyen – Germany’s Minister of Defence.

‘The ladies and gentlemen today canceled their eleven rooms in our hotel because of our gay focus. Cancellation charge: more than €6,000,’ they wrote.

‘And this although we are a very beautiful hotel, with great rooms and facilities.

‘We are feeling very discriminated against.’

The team also suggested the Bundeswehr should maybe consider inviting the soldiers to one of their workshops about ‘Sexual Orientation and Identity in the Bundeswehr’.

Speaking to German online magazine Bento, a spokesperson for the Bundeswehr said the cancellation happened because the crew was uncomfortable.

Normally, he said, they would not automatically rule out the Two Hotel.

In this case, it was really just about the naked pictures, the spokesperson stressed, and not about the Two Hotel being primarily gay.

He even suggested the soldiers’ reaction would’ve been the same if it had been a naked woman.

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