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Olympic Gymnast Arthur Mariano’s Pictures Leaked [NSFW]

Arthur Mariano’s Pictures Leaked

Arthur Mariano’s Pictures Leaked

Did you watch the 2016 Summer Olympics?

If not, you missed a great event. Sports have always been a great pastime on Earth. From even before ancient Greek times to the modern day era, people have loved watching athletes in peak condition putting their all into their respective sport.

It also helps that many of those athletes look great thanks to the earlier said peak condition.

We’ve already talked about how great and hot baseball players can be, but how have we never talked about gymnasts?!

There’s something perfect about the toned yet plump body of a male gymnast. We guess spending that time swinging around poles does wonders for the male physique.

During the Summer 2016 Summer Olympics, this writer was absolutely floored with just how hot all of the male gymnasts were. Team Brazil, Team America, Team Japan, Team Korea, Team UK, and more. All of these men were at the height of physical perfection. Bless.

But who was one standout that shined especially bright? That was Arthur Nory Oyakawa Mariano.

Mariano is a Brazilian artistic gymnast and member of the national team. He participated in the 2015 World Artistic Gymnastics Championship, placing fourth in the horizontal bar and 12th all around, and in the 2016 Summer Olympics where he won the bronze medal in floor exercise.

But besides just loving his body and his adorable smile, what else do we love about Arthur Mariano? That he’s recently had a nude picture leak.

That’s right, the boyfriend-material himself has not just a picture but gifs leaked onto the internet, and boy are we excited.

Vitamina D ☀️ 😎 #Sun #VemSol #Monday #Feriado

Een bericht gedeeld door Arthur Nory (@arthurnory) op

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Een bericht gedeeld door Arthur Nory (@arthurnory) op

Want to check out the pictures for yourself? Well, scroll down to the NSFW photos:

Arthur Nory naked


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