Austin Armacost is pretty well known for stripping down on his Instagram channel, and the star’s done it again, this time in celebration of thong Thursday.

Armacost, who recently showed us his favourite yoga pose, has been busy modelling for underwear company Sukrew.

And, since it’s nearly Christmas, the former-reality star decided to give us a little treat by sharing a new Instagram snap.

Cheeky #ThongThursday 🍑 @sukrew

Een foto die is geplaatst door austinarmacost (@austinarmacost) op

Armacost even enlisted the help of model and dancer Marshall Arkley for the special snap.

The caption alongside the image reads, “Cheeky #ThongThursday”, but we weren’t paying attention to that.

And if you’re wondering what it all looks like from the front, check out below:

#SUKREW #Hero #range #redwhiteandblue #mensunderwear #FullBrief #briefs

Een foto die is geplaatst door SUKREW (@sukrew) op

Then to start the weekend with a bang, Armacost shared one more snap, but without the underwear.

Enjoy your weekend! Shot by

Een foto die is geplaatst door austinarmacost (@austinarmacost) op

We’re definitely enjoying the weekend now, Armacost!