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Ben C from Perth, Australia

Meet Ben C. from Perth in Australia. Model, actor, and fitness model.

Model Ben - Australia
Photo: David Broadway, courtesy of CSA Models – Model Ben: Australia

Meet Ben C. from Perth in Australia. Model, actor, and fitness model.

How long have you lived in Perth?

I was raised in the country and moved to Perth roughly six years ago.

What’s great about living in Perth?

My favourite part is definitely the opportunity to meet a lot of different people from all different backgrounds, coming from the country you’re pretty isolated — up here you can really branch out.

Are there any downsides to living in Perth?

Traffic, without a doubt — and not having the entire beach to yourself, like I do back home.

Where do you go out in Perth?

Sunday sessions are where it’s at — El Grotto, OBH and Mullaloo are a few of the regular spots.

Which is your favourite beach?

In Perth, it’s Scarborough for sure.

Where do you go on vacation?

Most recently it was NZ, but I haven’t planned my next one yet. I have a huge list of places to see before I’m 30, and it pretty much covers every continent so I should probably get onto it.

How did you get into modelling?

Through a good mate — I expressed an interest, and the rest kind of just fell into place.

What next for Ben?

I’m going to finish of my apprenticeship first up, it’s been a big goal of mine, and do as much modelling work as I can on my breaks. Once I have my trade I’d like to have a good crack at seeing how far I can take modelling — I really believe that if you want something badly enough, you’ll find a way.

Photography by David Broadway.

Ben C. is represented by CSA Models.

Ben C from Perth, Australia

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