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How to Take The Best Butt Selfie For Your Top Man

How to snap the ultimate butt selfie for the dom top man in your life

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These methods and techniques will help you take the perfect butt selfie or “belfie” as Instagram guys call it, that would make your top wet his briefs in seconds. Belfie is the new media buzzword that means selfie of one’s buttocks. It’s the definition of what happens when a hot bottom snaps a saucy photo of his exposed booty, posts it to Instagram, and drives the world wild.

So, let’s get started.

1. Find your best angle

Stand at a 75-degree angle in front of the mirror. Your body must be at an angle, only three-quarters of the way – not facing the camera! This is already helping to establish a flattering optical illusion of a bigger booty and smaller waist by creating a silhouette in which the back curves inward and the butt curves outward.


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2. Push your assets out

When the booty is closer to the camera and the upper body is angled father away, the booty appears to be much bigger than the rest of the body.

Can anybody give me a ride ? 🙏🏽😏 Happy #humpday everybody! 💪🏽

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3. Wear your best underwear

I find that my ass always looks better in underwear. We also don’t want you to get banned for violating Instagram’s terms.

According to NPD Group, the tight boxer brief is the hottest underwear type for men right now. They are made for showing off as they also make your manhood look bigger!

4. Filters are encouraged

No one is perfect! This is all about aesthetic and aesthetic is deception.

5. Try different positions

Doggy Style Booty Belfie is an option. Woof! Get down on all fours. Be sure to keep your body slightly less than parallel to the camera with your elbows closest toward it and your booty furthest away. Remember to look confident and hot. There are few things sexier than a confident hot man.

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