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Boxer’s gigantic bulge is a knockout

Says announcer: ‘It’s all real ladies and gentlemen’

Boxer David Allen unusually large bulge
Photo: YouTube – Boxers David Allen unusually large bulge caught the attention of opponent David Howe.

There was no way not to notice the gigantic bulge between boxer David Allen’s legs when he showed up for a weigh in for his fight against David Howe.

‘It’s all real ladies and gentlemen,’ claimed the announcer at O2 Arena in London said over the weekend.

Allen, eager to show of his suddenly impressive package, strutted around a bit in his red shorts.

When it came time for Howe to get weighed, he glanced down at his opponent’s enhanced crotch and playfully pretended to grab at it.

Allen is known as ‘The White Rhino’ while Howe and his normal-sized crotch is called ‘The Steel City Assassin.’

Perhaps the genital intimidation worked since Allen defeated Howe in their fight.


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