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Brandon Myers Shows Something Yummy and It’s Not His Tattoo!

Brandon Myers fun

Brandon Myers Shows Something Yummy

We’ve covered Brandon Myers several times but we, like you, can’t seem to get enough of this incredibly hot 21 year old Leo turned Roman soldier in the British Bromans series.

As usual, he can’t seem to keep his pants on.

Out here in Jamaica and I always take my comfy @boxmenswear underwear with me 😍 #bromans #ad #spon

Een bericht gedeeld door Brandon Myers (@brandonpmyers) op

He’s done adult film and starred in ‘Big Brother’.  MTV’s ‘X on the Beach’ gave him his start in front of the camera.  But it’s Bromans, where modern day ‘bros’ and their girlfriends are transported to ancient Rome, that has launched his massiveness into stardom.

Don’t get me wrong, the rest of him looks nearly as tasty.

I’m about to come back with a bang ☝🏽

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The TV star loves to boast about his super-sized manhood and is known to challenge other men to a ‘size off.’  He said, “There should be a pole on Twitter.  If there was a poll, I would win.  (Referring to Chris Hughes) He’s quite well-endowed but you can’t compete with a Ghanain genetic willy. You can’t compete.”

He’s been quoted as having the biggest snake on reality TV.  Then again, he calls his girth a ‘third leg.’  I suppose if he were to engage in a ‘sword fight’ with Chris Hughes, his Bromans costar, he might just win; having the mightier weapon of MASSIVE destruction.

My African Jungle Leg Sleeve complete!💉🙌🏾🇬🇭 #legsleeve #junglesleeve #legtattoos

Een bericht gedeeld door Brandon Myers (@brandonpmyers) op

The ‘anaconda’ star nearly bared all for his fans on social media under the guise of revealing more ink.  You can check out more than his new tattoo on Instagram.  I’ll just say it.  I think he’s more interested in showing off his in-your-face bannana than his new ‘African Safari’ leg sleeve.

Back to his real business…  His girlfriend calls it ‘Princess.’  OUCH!  What a mood killer I’d think that would be.  The Bromans producers call it ‘Biggus Dickus,’ a lot more appropriate.  However, Brandon stated that he’d really like to give it a cool name.  I suggest ‘Thor’s Hammer!’

Live luxury with @infinitybraceletuk – bracelet and necklace both in rose gold 😨👌🏽 use code SPECIAL20 🔥

Een bericht gedeeld door Brandon Myers (@brandonpmyers) op

Whatever he names it, his package makes for a real mouth-watering experience as he excitedly stated, “My jungle leg’s sleeve complete!”  Afterward, he posted the Instagram video showing his fans much more than a morsel.  From his ink to his abs and his snake, Brandon Myers definitely makes up the stuff of ‘Woof and Lick!”


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