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I Got Busted Staring at a Hot Jock’s Crotch at The Gym!

Surprisingly, he didn’t shame me!

Busted Staring at a Hot Jock’s Crotch

If you work out, you’ve no doubt seen your fair share of attractive men. It’s a normal part of having a gym membership I suppose.

I know I’ve seen many hotties over the years.

But sometimes, you encounter a special someone who just does it for you. Know what I mean? For me, it’s this hairy chested guy with greenish-blue eyes and a perfectly trimmed beard.

I don’t know his age but if I had to guess, he’s probably in his mid-30’s? Honestly, I can’t tell you if he’s straight, gay, bi or what. My gaydar just isn’t that great.

At any rate, for the past six-months, he’s been lifting at my club. He always wears the same types of outfits – loose sweats, a t-shirt or tank top.

And while I can’t be sure, I swear that dude comes into the place freeballing. I mention this because whenever he’s laying back on the flat-bench, you can easily see the outline of his sausage.

No, it’s not gigantic. Well, at least not in its flaccid state. But it does look super thickish, which only becomes accentuated through his sweats.

Hey guys, I won’t lie. I’ve spent more than a few nights pleasuring myself while fantasizing about him laying back on the bench.

I’m getting worked up now just thinking “it”.

Getting busted crotch staring

So, here’s what happened. Two weeks ago while I was doing concentration curls, he walked up to me and asked for a spot. It was almost surreal because it took my mind time to process what was happening.

Ever experience that? You know, kind of like being stunned? I can still hear his deep, monotone voice now. Ugh!

But I digress. Back to getting busted.

Once I got myself together, I followed him over to the flat bench and assumed the spot position. He was lifting a decent amount – three 45-lb plates on each side (270 total).

“I’m going for a set of four at 15, 12, 10, and 8,” he told me just before placing his hands on the bar. And then he added, “I’ll mostly need help with the lift-off.”

While he knocked out that first set, I tried super hard to avoid checking out his package. Honestly, I really did. But by the time the second set rolled around (and he added more weight), I couldn’t contain myself.

Busted Staring at a Hot Jock’s Crotch

But who could?!

Imagine a muscled-up dude lying flat on his back, flexing all his upper body muscles while his pits are exposed to you. Now picture seeing a complete outline of … well, you know.

After the second set, we placed the universal bar back on the rack. And that’s when he got up, leaned towards my direction and asked:

“Are you staring at my crotch?”

As I searched for words to respond, they escaped me. The only thing I could muster up was. “I’m sorry man – it won’t happen again.”

At least I had the presence of mind not to lie. What good would it have done?

But here’s the cool thing. He didn’t get all weird!

Instead, he said, “OK, let’s add 10 more pounds to each side.” Almost like nothing ever happened.

For the remaining two sets, I managed to focus my attention on his face and not elsewhere (but it wasn’t easy!). When we were done, he said thanks and then gave me a fist-bump.

And that was it.

Since the incident happened, I still see him regularly at the gym. He hasn’t asked me for a spot again but when I think about it, I’ve not seen him ask anyone else either.

There’s no real point to this story I suppose. Shoot, I wish I could tell you that he invited me over to his place or that we messed around in the shower.

But that wouldn’t be the truth.

I will say that because he wasn’t a jerk about it, I don’t feel embarrassed when I see him. In fact, it’s kind of the opposite. He his nods his head to say hi when we cross paths in the way jocks do.

Maybe the guy is bi or gay. I suppose it doesn’t matter. But at least you know what it’s like to get busted staring at a dude’s crotch – and live to tell about it!

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