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Californian nature group launches cute ‘Bears 4 Bears’-type ad

Californian nature group launches cute ‘Bears 4 Bears’-type ad
Photo: The Center for Biological Diversity – Another type of bear native to California makes his plea

You’d be forgiven for thinking bears are extinct in California after taking a walk down The Castro in San Francisco…

But the Center for Biological Diversity are reintroducing the public to that venerable gay man’s namesake, the Grizzly bear, which is extinct in California despite still being on its flag.

In its recent ad for the #‎BringBacktheBears‬ campaign: A bear, dolled up in leather cap, vest and cut-off denim shorts, asks the public if they’d consider putting him on the flag.

‘Gay is super-hot right now… We need a bear that inhabits our great state,’ he quips.

Two other ads in the campaign feature a narcissistic cosmetic surgeon and a ‘yogi bear’, both of whom want to be on the flag themselves.

‘Is this really the kind of bear that should be on the California flag?’ the Center asks. The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness for an attempt to reintroduce the Grizzly back to the Californian wilderness – extinct since 1924, when the last one was shot.

‘We’re calling on the California Fish and Game Commission to consider options to reintroduce grizzlies in California’s Sierra Nevada, where there are 8,000 square miles of prime habitat,’ it says on its website.

Today Grizzly bears live only in the Rocky Mountains. This accounts for about 4% of the territory they used to live in, inside of the contiguous United States (not including Alaska and Hawaii) The bear is on the endangered species list.

Therefore the institution describes the symbolic bear on the state flag as ‘kind of a lie’.

Anyone else think the bear in the video kind of sounds like Jack Black?


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