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PICS: Chris Mears’ nudes leak online, internet explodes [NSFW]

Chris Mears’ nudes leak online

When you think of 2016, what do you think of? Brexit? Trump? The death of pretty much every beloved star over the age of 50?

The answer is, of course, the slew of X-rated leaks that engulfed the world.

In the last 12 months internet users have been confronted with explicit images of male celebrities including but not limited to Orlando Bloom Justin Bieber Ben Cohen, Sam Callahan, and Shayne Ward – and it looks like 2017 is set to go the same way.

Yep, Olympic gold medal-winning diver Chris Mears is the latest star to have intimate pictures and video published online, sending the internet into collective meltdown and – as some Twitter users noted themselves – providing a welcome distraction from the doom and gloom of Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit speech.

“Well. Chris Mears just made wearing skinny jeans in the workplace a problem”, wrote one Twitter user.

“Oh sweet Jesus!!! The @ChrisMears93 video is everything I wanted and more!”, added another.

Amongst the clamour, one user was already looking to the future, writing just minutes after news of the leak broke: “C’mon Colton Haynes, We’re just waiting for yours now”.

For those who want to see his nude leaks, just scroll down:

Chris Mears nudes

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