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College peeping Tom caught red-handed, 66 videos of male students showering found in iPhone

‘We saw the clips in the Recently Deleted album; they were videos of other men.’

College peeping Tom caught red-handed
YouTube – The culprit was said to be a senior year student

A male student was caught red-handed while he tried to film a fellow resident showering in a student dormitory.

The incident happened in Nanyang Technological University in Singapore on Thursday (13 Oct).

The culprit is a fourth-year student from the university’s Hall of Residence 16.

He was nabbed by other students after he was spotted filming another male student in the shower, reports The Straits Times.

According to the university’s online news publication Nanyang Chronicle , the victim, a second-year male student who wished to go by George, said that he was in the shower at 1am when he saw an iPhone being held above his cubicle door.

He then rushed out to confront the person, who locked himself inside another cubicle.

The culprit had allegedly tried to delete the videos in his phone while hiding in the cubicle.

The victim then called his roommate and two other students for help, reports TNP.

Hall 16 President Paul Lee, 22, who was there, told TNP: ‘My friend was very angry. He kept banging and shouting for him to come out.’

When the culprit finally stepped out and tried to return to his room, the four blocked him.

They took over his phone and — with their quick wit — found a total of 66 videos in the recently deleted items folder.

‘He passed us his phone, unlocked it, and we saw the clips in the Recently Deleted album,’ Lee said. ‘They were videos of other men.’

TNP reports that the culprit had pleaded with them not to report him, but Lee proceeded to alert campus security, who in turn called the police.

Lee told The Straits Times that they had stood watch over the culprit in the corridor in case he tried to escape.

Police confirmed that they received a call to assist at 2.07am and that a 24-year-old man was arrested for ‘possession of obscene material.’ Investigations are currently ongoing.

‘We’re supposed to feel safe and secure, but now I can’t shower without looking over my shoulder,’ George told Nanyang Chronicle.

Lee warned hall residents to be alert when they are showering.

‘We strongly advise all residents in every hall, no matter their gender, to be careful when they shower or use the washroom,’ he said. ‘No one is safe, so bathe quickly and be observant of the openings in the toilet cubicles.’

He added, ‘Voyeurism is not tolerated in my hall and offenders will be handed over to the police.’

He also suggested that the school and hall offices should ‘upgrade the toilets in all the halls to prevent such incidents in the future.

Hall 16 resident Khairul Anwar, 23, told The Straits Times that he used to enjoy long showers but now rushes through them.

‘I was quite concerned as this is the second time this has happened here,’ he said. ‘I also take more notice who I bump into in the toilet.’

In May, a similar case occured in the same student dormitory, according TNP, and the culprit was also nabbed by students.


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