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‘Dramatic rise’ in number of LGBT youth being thrown out of home, charity warns

Trans youth are particularly at risk of parental rejection, according to the Albert Kennedy Trust.

‘Dramatic rise’ in number of LGBT youth being thrown out of home

Homelessness charities The Albert Kennedy Trust and Stonewall Housing have warned of a “dramatic rise” in LGBT kids being left homeless by their parents, after seeing a 20% rise in young LGBT people accessing their services, from 622 in 2012-13 to 750 in 2015-16.

LGBT youth are disproportionately affected by homelessness, with 24% of the young homeless population identifying as such. According to the new report, some young people experienced violence from their parents, while others were sent abroad to try and “cure” their identity.

Speaking to The Independent, Albert Kennedy Trust chief executive Tim Sigsworth said: “LGBT people in this country have seen the benefit of many positive changes to legislation in recent years, and to some it might appear that the big battles have been won. They haven’t been.

“In most cases young people have been driven out of their family homes because of parental rejection, abuse from within the family, and aggression or violence. We’re seeing a particular increase in the numbers of young people identifying as trans.”

The research also suggests that LGBT homelessness is contributing to the mental health epidemic currently facing the LGBT community, with 83% of homeless youth reporting that their situation had negatively impacted their mental state.


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