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New Dream Boat Documentary Shows The Dark Side Of Gay Cruises

New Dream Boat Documentary

Dream Boat Documentary trailer

A new documentary is coming out that depicts life and culture of gay cruise lines, but as he recorded the director found out that it’s not all what it’s cracked up to be.

Filmmaker Tristan Ferland Milewski created the new documentary project Dream Boat in order to depict the real experiences of five men from different countries on an international gay cruise. He believes this is the ultimate getaway for gay men who can then be comfortable and fully themselves.

“As long as the world is how it is, people will still need places where they can be themselves without fear and discrimination,” filmmaker Tristan Ferland Milewski told Vice, “and this is a boat, a place, where they can do that.”

But, soon Milewski realized that the dream of the Dream Boat documentary wasn’t exactly the smooth sailing he thought it would be.

You see, Milewski soon realized that the men he was recording (and the men he wasn’t) were going through a week of discrimination, crazy parties, inferiority complexes, no sleep, a surprisingly little amount of sex, insecurity problems, and what he calls “a boat of dreams and a boat of disillusionment.”

In addition, the five men also realize that they have their own polarizing experiences on the boat. Such as Marek, an attractive Polish man who feels isolated on a crowded boat.

Or Razi, a Palestinian man on the cruise with his Belgium partner, who feels a cultural shock because of the openly gay and homosexual activities on the boat.

“In Palestine as a gay person facing discrimination if I go to the police they will harass me,” he said.

“There’s the performance of masculinity,” he explains. “Many gay men have this experience, that their masculinity is questioned through being gay, and maybe you’re denied your masculinity in a way you internalize.”

He also adds, “I think in a way, a cruise like this represents a universal quest. We all want to live and love as we are. And as you see in the film, it’s not so easy sometimes.”

In the end, the film depicts a fun, dark, and true look at gay culture and more specifically gay cruise line culture.

“It’s all about raising questions: where are we today, and who do we want to be? What potential do we have to turn gay culture into something empowering and positive?”

The film currently doesn’t have a release date but you can sign up on Fandango to be notified when tickets go on sale.


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