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WATCH: Evan Peters recalls moment he ‘accidentally’ flashed Jessica Lange

Evan Peters recalls moment he ‘accidentally’ flashed Jessica Lange
TBS/Conan – The ‘American Horror Story’ actor recalls a very embarrassing moment involving Jessica Lange.

Evan Peters hasn’t been afraid of showing some skin on Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story but it seems the X-Men star has been showing more than that backstage.

Appearing on Conan on Tuesday, he recalled how he ‘accidentally’ flashed his junk to co-star Jessica Lange without ever knowing it.

“Wow, this is terrible,” Peter told O’Brien. “I basically leaned over Jessica Lange’s desk in a hospital gown, bare-ass, so I put a c*ck sock on.”

O’Brien briefly explained what a c*ck sock was before Peters continued explaining the embarrassing moment.

“I put it on, and we did the scene, and afterward, Sarah [Paulson] comes up to me, kisses me on the cheek, and is like, ‘Oh, Sweetheart, it’s OK.’”

“And I was like, ‘What was I that bad?’ And I look over and Ms. Lange is telling the PA that apparently my balls were in her face the whole shot. Apparently a c*ck sock is not just a c*ck sock, it’s a c*ck and ball sock.”

“So lesson learned. You’ve got to swoop down and sheathe the balls as well,” he adds.

You can watch Peter recall the embarrassing moment below:

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