A film has been banned in India for allegedly “glorifying” homosexual relationships.

Director Jayan Cherian is fighting the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) in India, who recently censored Moonlight, to try and overturn its decision to ban the film, Ka Bodyscapes.

According to the Wire, the film follows the story of three people – Haris, Vishnu and Sia, as they struggle to find happiness in India.

Cherian and his team completed the film last February however committees have been reviewing the film since March.

Ka Bodyscape was denied a certification by the CBFC, which is necessary for it to screen in India.

Cherian shared the news on Facebook, posting a photo of the letter he received from CBFC.

The letter states that the film was rejected for “glorifying” homosexuality as we;; as portraying Hinduism in a “derogatory manner.”

Speaking to the Wire, Cherian said: “The CBFC takes the mere reference to any ‘Hindu organisation’ in the film as an offence. This is the death-knell of independent cinema and artistic expression in India.”