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Folk band releases music video featuring tender (but doomed) gay romance

Music video featuring tender (but doomed) gay romance
Screenshot – Dancers Garen Scribner and Ryan Steele portray a doomed gay couple

An American band have released a moving music video celebrate acceptance and equality.

Moondrunk, an indie-folk-hop band, decided to use their video to tell the story of two men’s heartbreakingly sweet, but ultimately doomed, romance.

Titled Sold My Soul, the song is about a man who looks back at his life and all the things he missed because he kept to Church doctrine.

The devil offered him as much gold as he could carry and other material things to make the man’s life easier.

But it also meant living a live without love – although it is the only one of the devil’s offerings he ever considered.

Moondrunk’s video features dancers Ryan Steele and Garen Scribner.

Both made their names on Broadway; Steele in the stage adaption of Disney’s Newsies, Scribner in An American in Paris.

Throughout the video, the dancers almost kiss a number of times.

When they finally do, a third dancer (Yehuda Hyman) comes between them, and it all begins to fall apart.

The band collaborated with choreographer Lorin Lotarro, who also choreographed Broadway musical Waitress.

‘She was looking for a song to inspire a dance for a choreographer showcase in New York, and was introduced to “Sold My Soul” by Moondrunk’s cellist Yair Evnine,’ Bancroft said.

‘Lorin liked the song and created the three-man story ballet about a man who is denied his love, entitled “For Those Before.”‘

After joining the dancers for the showcase, Moondrunk were so taken with the choreography they decided to make it into a music video.

And although they have a video featuring the bad, Bancroft said they felt the need to release the full dance cut.

‘Lorin and the dancers’ work is so inspired, and we are all committed to putting art into the world that celebrates inclusivity and acceptance,’ Bancroft said.

‘The political climate in the US is increasingly divided, and as voices of hate and discrimination come forward, it is even more important that voices of love and compassion are heard loudly.’

Watch the full video below:


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