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Who needs swimwear when your underwear looks this good?

If you’re looking for a reason to buy new underwear, then beach-side fantasies like this could be the motivation you need

Carson Wall gives us underwear as swimwear
Image courtesy of Garçon Model – Carson Wall gives us underwear as swimwear

If you thought that beach-side style was all about swimwear, then you might want to think again as we make the case for underwear as swimwear.

Model Carson Wall strips down and soaks up the summer rays in this sexy photo shoot for Garçon Model.

Directed by Marco Ovando, Wall is showcasing two styles – the Collins (in white), and the Brickell (in black). As he strips down and works every angle for the camera, Wall is giving us summer love in spades.

Collins Brief Underwear

Collins Brief Underwear

Classic white briefs can sometimes seem a little basic, but the Collins Brief takes the basic white brief to a whole different level. These are briefs that are soft, luxurious, and made from stretch fabric that presents you at your best from every angle. This is a style that’s perfect for showing off your tan lines, or giving you a bit of contrast if you’ve managed to achieve that all-over tan that summer inspires.

Brickell Brief Underwear

Brickell Brief Underwear

There’s something really practical about black underwear, and the prominent waistband of the Brickell Brief with the logo graphic will let everyone know exactly what you’re wearing. As Carson Wall is ably demonstrating, these briefs are so stylish that you could easily rock them on the beach and everyone would assume that they’re an expensive pair of European-style speedos.


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