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Majority of Gay and Bi Men Barebacking Like Rock Stars! [NSFW]

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A brand new study seems to confirm what many of us have suspected for a long time – we’re topping and bottoming condom-free like rock stars! The study was collected by the Gay Men Fight Aids (GMFA), a U.K.-based gay men’s health charity.

Using a sample size of 500 gay and bisexual men, they discovered that two-thirds (65%) of participants said they didn’t use a condom the last time they had anal sex, and 27% shared they would describe their sex lives as “risky.”

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“We all measure risk differently,” David Stuart, who works at a clinic that specializes in services for gay and bisexual men, says. “Some only associate risk with HIV; others consider all STIs to be a potential risk.

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For others, risk is measured by rejection for not being sexy enough, fit enough or interesting enough.”

In a Newsweek Report, the following appears:

“Despite the majority admitting their last sexual encounter was without a condom, this did not always indicate unprotected sex was necessarily dangerous.

Same-sex couples who are married or in committed long-term relationships may choose not to use condoms when having sex with each other.”

That said, there are also men who are on PrEP; the pill that had proven successful in protecting against HIV transmission but does not shield people from other STI’s.

One participant named Jimmy, a 36-year-old man, said shared that the choice to wear a rubber really depends on what his partner wants.

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“It was with a couple of guys I’d met before,” he explains. “One guy barebacked me, the other wanted to use condoms—both were fine as I’m on PrEP.”

Jimmy also added that he would not rule out having sex with someone if he knew they were HIV+. “As long as they are undetectable, there is no risk. I’m on PrEP now, so the chances of catching it are significantly reduced.”

The new report is somewhat similar to a survey GPB reported on back in March where research suggested a whopping 65% of Americans (gay, straight and bi) were doing it bareback like jackrabbits.

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