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5 gay beaches every guy needs to visit in his life

What’s better than vacationing at the beach? Vacationing at a gay beach!

Gay beaches

There are some places gay travellers should experience at least once in a lifetime, and gay beaches are one of them.

Whether you’re looking for adventure or tranquility, this is the perfect destination to get a little bit of both in one trip.

We’ve rounded up popular gay beaches around the world every guy needs to add to their travel bucket list. These international destinations were chosen based on their overall popularity, aesthetic landscape and lively gay scene.

From the Australian coastline to the Canary Islands, these tropical locales are known for attracting tourists and locals year round.

Each hotspot includes some fun traveler’s tips.

Here are some of the best gay beaches around the world that you should consider visiting once in your life.

1. Mykonos, Greece – Elia Beach

This iconic party island off the coast of Greece harbors a booming gay scene at Elia Beach, which is also the largest beach on the island.

Mykonos, Greece – Elia Beach

Elia Beach is said to be quieter than its neighboring party beaches, like Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach. The right side of the beach is most popular among gay beach-goers, and even further right is an area for nude sunbathing.

Surrounded by luxury suite and spas, this cosmopolitan vacation spot is great for both high-octane parties and tranquil getaways.

Traveler’s Tips: Just a couple miles from Elia Beach is Matoyianni Street, famous for its local shops, galleries and restaurants. This is the neighborhood to splurge on souvenirs.

2. Sydney, Australia – North Bondi Beach

You can’t visit Sydney in the summer without making a stop at one of the most famous beaches in Australia. North Bondi Beach is known for attracting loads of Aussie eye candy in skimpy budgie smugglers (also known as men’s swim briefs). You’ll also find plenty of recreational water activities here, like paddling and surfing.

Sydney, Australia – North Bondi Beach

Just be sure to hit the very north end of the beach, which is where you’ll find the biggest crowds of gay locals and tourists.

Traveler’s Tips: Consuming alcohol on the beach is banned, but there are plenty of bars and restaurants surrounding the outskirts of the shore.

3. Rio do Janeiro, Brazil – Ipanema (Farme Gay) Beach

Brazil is infamous as one of the sexiest South American destinations, and its gay beaches are no exception. Located just east of Farme de Amoedo Street on Ipanema Beach, you’ll find this paradise nestled between Postos 8 and 9.

Rio do Janeiro, Brazil – Ipanema (Farme Gay) Beach

Nicknamed ‘Farme Gay’ Beach, this location is boasting with what the locals call ‘Barbies’, or muscular gay men. When you’re done baking in the sun, head over towards Rua Farme de Amoedo Street to tour one of Brazil’s most bustling gay locales.

Traveler’s Tips: Caipirinhas are to Brazil what margaritas are to Mexico. This must-try cocktail is infused with the Brazilian spirit, cachaça, topped off with lime and sugar. Try this citrus cocktail at To Nem Ai, a casual gay restaurant/bar, located along Farme de Amoedo Street.

4. Gran Canaria, Spain – Maspalomas Beach

Maspalomas Beach is a serene desert oasis tucked away on the southernmost coastline of Gran Canaria. The gay beach is located near ‘kiosk 7’ where tourists and locals are free to sunbathe with or without clothing.

Gran Canaria, Spain – Maspalomas Beach

Gran Canaria is commonly referred to as a ‘mini continent’ with a mild climate year round. This picturesque beach is unlike any other destination bordered by rolling sand dunes with more mountainous regions further inland.

There’s a variety of exclusively gay hotels and resorts to make your stay even more inviting, whether you’re going solo or with your partner.

Traveler’s Tips: Stay at Seven Hotel to experience a gay-only, four-star resort on Gran Canaria fitted with the most relaxing amenities, including a sauna and jacuzzi. Since this beach is surrounded by hot sand dunes, we highly recommend renting or bringing a beach umbrella to stay cool and sun safe.

5. Florida, U.S.A – 12th Street Beach

12th Street Beach is the place to be if you’re looking for a popular gay beach in South Beach, Miami. Just follow the flag markers that’ll lead you to a clean, white sand beach with some gorgeous clientele.

Florida, U.S.A – 12th Street Beach

Apart from its pristine shores, this location is close to some of the largest gay circuit parties, like the Winter Party and White Party. Come here to soak up the sun by day, and experience Miami’s nonstop party atmosphere by night.

Traveler’s Tips: Unfortunately, the infamous Palace Bar & Restaurant across from 12th Street shut down recently, but you can still party at Twist, a gay, mega-club with sexy dancers.



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