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Gay couple arrested for ‘pornographic’ photos posted on Facebook

Two young men in their 20s could be jailed for seven years

gay couple arrested Indonesia
Twitter – Gay couple faces jail for shirtless kissing picture

A gay couple was arrested for posting ‘pornographic’ photos on Facebook, police in Indonesia said today (13 October).

Two men, aged 22 and 24, kissed while shirtless in the image. The post read: ‘With my dear lover tonight. May our love last forever’.

They could face up to seven years in jail if found guilty of posting ‘lewd materials’ online.

Police released a statement, according to About Croatia, confirming they had responded to ‘LGBT pornography in the form of two men canoodling’.

The two men admitted they were the people in the photos, police said.

Indonesia decides to proceed with gay apps and websites ban
Photo: Twitter – An International Day Against Homophobia event in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2015

Indonesia has cracked down on homosexuality, making several efforts to isolate and marginalize LGBT people.

Gay dating apps have been banned, as well as effeminate men on television and classifying homosexuality and transgender as a ‘mental disorder’ that can be ‘cured’.

Just this week, the government posted an advert calling for youth ambassadors but said LGBT people need not apply.

They have also requested social networks like Twitter and Facebook to remove emoticons depicting same-sex couples.

There have been growing calls to criminalize gay sex entirely.


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