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WATCH: Gay dads featured in Google Home advert

A perfect nuclear same-sex family

Gay dads featured in Google Home advert
YouTube – Google Home ad

Google Home is a hands-free, Siri-like device that allows users to ask whatever questions they need answering.

By premising a question with ‘Ok Google,’ users can ask whatever they want.

And now multiple users can activate the device, with unique voice analysis technology.

In the latest ad promoting the new feature, Google Home showcased what appears to be the perfect same-sex nuclear family.

A boy and a girl are sitting at the table eating breakfast when one of the fathers walks in and asks Google what he has planned for the day.

‘Good morning, Alex,’ Google replies.

‘Traffic to work is heavy – it is 45 minutes by car,’ the device adds.

The father, Alex, walks over to his partner, Ross and gives him a loving touch on the arm.

Then Ross asks: ‘Ok Google, tell me about my day.’

The pair decide that Ross will take the kids to school.

Watch the adorable video below:

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