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Gay man claims hypnosis made him a “greedy, piggish bottom”

He was just an “average masculine gay dude who likes drilling on other men.”

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A man has revealed that a single session of hypnosis turned him from a “exclusive top” into a power bottom.

‘Brent’ (something tells us he’s probably using a pseudonym), who describes himself as a “muscled up wolf”, wrote an open letter in which he reveals the dramatic reversal.

The former army man writes that, before the hypnosis, he saw himself as an “average masculine gay dude who likes drilling on other men.”

Brent and his boyfriend have an open relationship, mostly due to his reluctance to bottom. “We had tried in the past many times and but it never worked,” Brent writes. “He’d get the tip a little inside of me but that is as far as it would go. The pain just became too much. I could tell he was pretty disappointed.”

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This problem has existed for as long as Brent can remember: “For some reason, I just could never let a man penetrate me.

“I even talked to a professional about it in my late 20’s and he told me that about 75% of my problem was psychological.”

Brent finally decided to do something about his problem and went to see a friend who works part time as a hypnotist: “At this point, I was open to anything because I really wanted to make things better with my boyfriend and be the lover he wanted me to be.”

“We did some deep breathing exercises and then, once I was relaxed, he hypnotized me.” Brent recounts that the hypnotist “assisted me to envision myself getting thumped by a guy in a way that was detached from pain.”

He noticed a change immediately. “Over the next several days, I could tell something had changed inside of me. More and more, I began to think what it would be like to bottom.

“So one quiet Saturday night, [my boyfriend] asked me if I wanted to spend the night at his place. I was cool with it and headed on over to his condo. Usually, when he wants an overnight, it also means he wants to mess around.”

If you’re hearing porn music in your head right now, you’re not alone.

Brent decided to bottom for his boyfriend. He continues: “In case you are wondering, Health is also extremely large. He’s not long but in terms of girth, he’s seriously beer can sized.”

Thanks for clearing that up, Brent.

How did it go? “All I can tell you is that after about 5 minutes, I swallowed him up inside of me like Jonah the Whale. I’m not talking about his tip either. All of it, right down to his pelvic bone.

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“He pounded me for about 3 minutes straight and I couldn’t handle it anymore. In fact, he couldn’t either.”

It wasn’t just that one occasion – Brent has been bottoming ever since: “Two weeks ago, I had a group hookup with some guys I met on a smartphone app. To make a long story short, I ended up getting group banged.”

Brent’s metamorphosis is not without its drawbacks: “The only thing I am concerned about now is being able to top for other guys again. I’m feeling like all I want to do is bottom. In fact, I can’t seem to get enough.”

Whatever the problem, we hope Brent gets to the bottom of it.

Brent’s story is a wonderful tale of self discovery and a reminder that we should never limit ourselves to what we think we like. Bravo Brent, you are a true inspiration!


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