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Gay waiter in Kentucky gets hateful message on receipt: ‘I don’t tip f*****s’

Gay waiter in Kentucky gets hateful message
Kyle Griffith is a waiter at Buffalo Wild Wings in Louisville, Kentucky.

A customer at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Kentucky not only stiffed waiter Kyle Griffith on a tip, she also left a hateful message on her receipt.

‘Sorry I don’t tip f*****s,’ it read. Also written on the receipt was ‘#UNeedJesus.’

Griffin tells WDRB that all seemed to go smoothly during the meal so he was especially shocked to see the handwritten message.

‘It just crushed me that someone could say something like that,’ Griffith told the station.

Griffin did not stay silent.

He took to Facebook and posted the receipt on his page but did not reveal the customer’s name. The post was quickly shared and went viral.

The post has since been hidden after it was reported to Facebook as ‘offensive.’

But Griffin says the person who wrote the bigoted message on the receipt was among those who commented on his post.

‘She did apologize and said that it was a joke and that it shouldn’t have been a joke and that she felt bad for it,’ the waiter told the station.

‘It’s not something you should joke about. My sexual preference at all shouldn’t be something someone should joke about.’

Griffin wrote in his second Facebook post that he went public about what happened ‘to show some awareness for my gay community, and what we deal with on a daily basis.

‘I didn’t share this to spread the hate she so carelessly displayed,’ he explained in his post.

‘I shared it in hopes to show the hatred in the world we still live in, and to open at least an eye to the world’s problems.

Griffin also wrote that the customer ‘doesn’t deserve to be threatened or hurt by anyone. This hate is what fueled her to write this!’

Buffalo Wild Wings has been supportive of Griffin saying in a statement that ‘we feel strongly that our restaurant environment needs to be respectful in order to provide the experience that our guests and team members expect and deserve.’


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