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German newspaper takes swipe at people saying LGBTs are ‘equal enough’

‘Everything’s only about them!’

A leading German newspaper has taken a perfect swipe at those saying the LGBT movement has gone ‘far enough’.

The German government may not be in for marriage equality, but a majority of citizens are – and they’ve got the press backing them up.

Die Zeit, one of the country’s biggest and best-known weekly newspapers, always features a diagram called the pie chart of truth.

It usually puts a comedic spin on everyday occurrences, from ‘digital things making people aggressive’ to ‘things children are afraid of’ and ‘where you’ll see old men’ (in political chat shows, apparently).

Now, the journalists decided to highlight some of the ridiculous things more conservative citizens have said about the LGBTI community’s fight for equality.

It features a number of weirdly wonderful ways Germans may say ‘this has gone far enough’, complete with different levels of emotional turmoil.

And of course, what better way to represent the LGBT community than with a rainbow flag.

To make it easier to understand, here’s a translated mock-up:

LGBT equality

Since its publication, both in print and on Facebook, the chart has attracted praise, especially from the community.

It’s also not the first time a major newspaper showed its support for marriage equality.

Last year, X published a full-page story asking ‘What would change if same-sex couples could get married?’, with the only word printed underneath reading ‘nothing’.


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