Harry Potter is one of the world’s most beloved franchise, but this photo shoot will make you think about the wizard in several new ways.

The hot shoot was taken when photographer Sarah Hester hosted a photographer’s meetup at her studio where 24-year-old Zachary Howell attended.

Sarah couldn’t remember his real name and called him Harry instead and one joke later, ‘Harry’ was featured in a very personal photoshoot.

The pair met again and the ‘Sexy Harry Potter’ shoot went viral, and we can see why.

Zachary has returned once more, but this time he’s dressed as the infamous Dexter from CBS’s crime drama of the same name just in time for halloween.

Another shot of @mrzomzom. This one isn't very Harry, but I doubt anyone will mind. 🙂 #sarahhesterphotography

Een foto die is geplaatst door Sarah Hester (@sarahhesterphotography) op

Happy Halloween!