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With global sperm counts in decline, how can you improve yours?

Tight underwear can reduce your sperm count

Tight underwear can reduce your sperm count
In the last 100 years men’s underwear has changed dramatically

Men’s sperm count in the western world has halved in the last 40 years.

The Human Reproduction Update report shows that 52.4 per cent in sperm concentration and 59.3 per cent in total sperm count among men is down.

The study collates data from over 200 studies examining the sperm count of men in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

The senior author, Shanna Swan of Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, said

‘This definitive study shows . . . the decline is strong and continuing.

‘Decreasing sperm count has been of great concern since first reported 25 years ago.’

When the researchers restricted the analysis to the last 20 years, the study shows that there is no sign of the decline leveling off.

This led the researcher, Dr Levine, to tell the BBC that if the trend continues humans could become extinct.

In this video released with the report, Dr Leveine explains that sperm count is the best evidence of male fertility.

Previous studies have associated low sperm count with environmental and lifestyle influences.

There are also some caveats to this report.

Scientists have said though the data is good, it may be too early to reach any conclusions.

Data sets from Asia, Africa and South America have not shown a similar decrease, but researchers point out that this is based on much less information.

How can you improve your sperm count?

tight men underwear

This report was unable to conclusively define why sperm counts have halved.

However, the World Health Organisation does say 10 to 20 percent of all men have low sperm counts.

The new study suggests that exposure to chemicals in pesticides and plastics is one reason for the global decline.

It also highlighted obesity, smoking, stress, and diet as possible factors.

With Body Mass Index also highlighted, keeping active and eating a balanced diet are easy ways to improve your sperm count.

Long periods of heat are another factor that can reduce your sperm count.

Whether laying in the bath for a long time or wearing super tight undies, both constrict the testicles.

A video exploring trends of men’s underwear over the last 100 years shows that in more recent years, underwear is tighter and smaller.

So it might be time to go commando, or buck the trend and buy some baggier boxers.


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