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Grindr’s racist tweet during the U.S. VP Debate exposes white privilege among gay men

People ain’t gonna let the offensive, insensitive comment slip by without dropping some truth bombs

Grindr’s racist tweet during the U.S. VP Debate
Grindr / Twitter – Comedian Guy Branum took over Grindr’s Twitter page during the debate

Grindr’s plan to use a comedian to spice up its Twitter page during Tuesday’s U.S. Vice Presidential Debate unfortunately backfired when a tweet sent out referencing Donald Trump’s wish to deport undocumented immigrants not only came across as racially offensive, it also exposed white privilege among the gay men community.

On Tuesday night, Republican VP nominee Mike Pence and Democratic VP nominee Tim Kaine shared the stage to defend their running mate’s credibility to be the next U.S. president.

Grindr handed its Twitter account over to comedian and writer Guy Branum to drop some snarky commentary about both nominees throughout the debate.

Things were going quite alright until Branum dropped a tweet saying the following:

People were definitely not having it. Here are what some netizens felt when they saw the tweet:

Other Twitter folks used the chance to explain why they viewed the tweet as more than just distasteful.

Well, Branum did put out a disclaimer clarifying that he wasn’t representing the gay dating app:

He then tweeted these for further clarification when people still ain’t having it:

Branum finally resorted to issuing a public apology to try to appease the internet:

But just when things were thought to have come to a rest, Branum went back to the hole and start digging it again.

Then Grindr’s PR team seemed to get back into damage control mode and had Branum remind people that it’s all his opinions and not the brand’s.

The comedian also tried to divert people’s anger to his own Twitter account:

And indeed, people were heading over to his personal Twitter page to shoot him questions about the things he wrote.

Branum has since apologised to the people who tweeted him and has also acknowledged that it’s his ‘mistake.’

What do you think? Are people making too big of a fuss over the tweet? Or are they right in calling out Branum’s insensitivity to race issues in the U.S. and the gay community?


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