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Guys Are Using Fidget Spinners On Their Dicks [NSFW]

Fidget Spinners are all the rage now!

Guys Are Using Fidget Spinners On Their Dicks

You’ve seen those trendy little fidget spinners, right? You know, the small little hand held toys that you place between your thumb and index finger to relieve anxiety.

Since January, they’ve been all the rage – particularly among college students.

Well, apparently, those cool little devices that have shown up in every convenient store on the planet have been found a use that transcends working through stress.

Sex toys – no joke!

Guys are now using them to whirl atop their wangs. Moreover, they’re having loads of fun with them! And per a report in Gizmodo, one 34-year old man is totally getting into it!

So much so that he’s taken to videoing his abilities and sharing with the world.

“The fidget spinning on my cock was just a random moment. I was naked scrolling Tumblr and spinning my fidget in my hand. I came across a video that got me hard and then it just happened,” he told Gizmodo via email.

“It took me three tries and then I said I need to record this for my Tumblr followers. After that I read about people searching for fidgets on P*rnhub and shared it there as well.”

Describing himself as an exhibitionist, he also shared: “Tt took me a long time to become comfortable with my body but I’m in a great place in my life and love to share myself and adventures with the world.

It really makes me happy getting messages that I made someone smile or feel good about themselves.” He also mentioned that he’s open to working in pornography—if anyone reading this is hiring.”

Now let’s be honest – didn’t you know that eventually, these little toys would be used for yummy fun? We think there should be group competitions. Don’t you?

Watch this guy in action:



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