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New Trend of Handsome Men Stripping in Laundromats?

Men Stripping In Laundromats?

A new trend is arising where hot models are taking their clothes off to wash in laundromats.

Let’s be honest though, this isn’t so much of a trend as it is something that’s happened twice now. But, if I can fan the flames of the internet in order to help this actually become a trend, I’m going to do that.

And while we’re talking with honesty, it’s also good to point out that this is just shameless advertising for both the models and the underwear. No need to layer that up with lies (see what I did there?).

But, what am I talking about specifically? News hit gay sites a week ago about this hot blond popping up on Instagram with his own thing popping out of his clothes (not really).

A hot model takes his clothes off in what’s obviously an advertisement for the underwear? Now, that was all well and good. (Yes, that gets zero points for subtlety, but the video gets rave reviews for its thirst factor).

But, then here comes internet famous teacher turned model Pietro Boselli to start us down the rabbit-hole of internet trends.

Now, this one might not be an actual advertisement as much as just a response to the original video. But, it’s the possibilities it opens up that gets us excited.

What if this becomes the next internet trend? Guys (and girls if they like) going to their local laundromat, taking their clothes off, and pretending to turn their washing machines on (seriously Boselli, you could have at least committed to the scene) before sitting on said machine.

Men stripping in laundromats? Now, that’s a trend I could get behind… or, on top of.


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