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5 Health Benefits of Oranges for Hungry Bottoms!

Gay bottom man? You need to eat more oranges

Benefits of Oranges for Hungry Bottoms

Everyone knows eating oranges is good for your health. But were you aware this delicious fruit also holds special health benefits for bottoms?

They sure do – and they can really up your game when riding big ponies. I should know because I hunt for the big boys every chance I get!

Now stay with me here because I know you are probably laughing and thinking, “whatever!”

Here’s the thing – for centuries, people have eaten oranges because of their healing powers. No, they don’t cure disease or anything like that. But they may help prevent illness.

Now before we dive in, you might be curious about where oranges came from? Well, we can’t be totally sure but scientists think the first wild ancestors of oranges probably evolved in Australia and New Guinea.

The first people probably began eating them soon after they arrived in Australia, about 30,000 BC. As early as the Stone Age, people were eating early forms of this fruit.

As time went on, either Chinese or Indian food growers bred pomelos and the mandarins together, sometime before 314 BC, to create new fruits – making the sweet orange we enjoy today.

Now that you have some background, let’s move on to why eating these delicious snacks from mother nature are so good for you, particularly if you bottom!

1. Stronger butthole

Everyone knows that vitamin C is great for your skin. But did you know that chomping down on a nutrient-rich orange helps your butthole to become stronger?

It’s true.

Oranges (well, the vitamins inside) help to produce collagen; a substance that serves to plump and strengthen the skin’s surface. Because your butthole has a delicate dermal layer, it needs nutrients to keep it elastic and firm. Try to eat one orange a day to help your hole get stronger – particularly if you do a lot of riding.

2. Reduces constipation

It sucks when you have to say no to a top because of intestinal swelling. If you’ve ever been backed up, you know exactly what I mean.

That’s where oranges come in!

The research tells us they are a natural cure for constipation. This is particularly true when the oranges are in their raw state.

Because of its fibrous content, their bio-polymer innards assists the bowels in collecting and excreting waste.

If you want to keep yourself regular, reach for at least one orange a day! Check out these other tips for constipation if you struggle with this issue.

3. Makes your butthole stink less

Not long ago, we explored the topic of how your butthole is supposed to smell. Believe it or not, some people develop a condition called odor fatigue!

If you’ve ever had a hot top move away because he whiffed nastiness coming from your hole, you need to start eating oranges. Here’s why:

Research tells us that oranges adjust the pH levels in the skin of people who ingest them regularly.

In turn, this helps to reduce many odor-causing bacteria, thereby easing pungent butthole stank. We aren’t sure but pheromoneologists believe the anal lining absorbs the citrus smell, thereby minimizing stank.

4. Excellent for riding monsters

Do you like riding monsters? Oh man, I sure do. That’s why I’m constantly reaching for lots of lube when it happens. Sometimes, the guy is so big that I end up using half a bottle just to take him all in.

Contrary to widespread belief, your butthole is incapable of self-lubricating. That said, it can open very wide when in a relaxed state.

That’s where oranges come in.

Used to control blood pressure for centuries, the fruit is known to calm and relax. This can help you when taking on monster sized tops who may be hard to mount.

I personally try to eat one a good four hours before getting banged out to help me chillax. Works every time!

5. May prevent cancer

Sadly, the research tells us that gay men generally receive less routine health care than our straight counterparts. There are tons of reasons for this including discrimination and fears around being judged.

While an adequate vitamin C intake is necessary and very helpful as an antioxidant, the amount necessary to consume for anti-cancer purposes is more than we can consume.

One study has concluded that vitamin C from oranges could one day be harnessed to impair colorectal cancer cells, but 300-oranges worth of vitamin C would be needed.

High fiber intakes from fruits (like oranges) are associated with a lowered risk of colorectal cancer. So, the bottom line is this: eating an orange a day, at a minimum, may help prevent certain types of cancer.

Wrap Up

Obviously, if you have any type of health problem, you should talk to your doctor.

That said, oranges may be a fantastic way keep yourself healthy while bottoming.

And when you think about it – aren’t natural approaches to wellness the best route to go?

Thanks for stopping by!


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