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Heartbreaking video series explores LGBT bullying

Heartbreaking video series explores LGBT bullying
Screenshot via YouTube – Out of Touch series explores LGBT bullying

Thinking Film published the Out Of Touch video series to fight homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying in Merseyside schools.

The videos were created to help the Young Person’s Advisory Service (YPAS) to end LGBT bullying in schools across the region as part of an educational training resource.

The stories from these teens are heartbreaking. Most of them experienced bullying by classmates, friends, teachers and even family members.

In the first episode we hear from a trans teen who describes how ‘badly’ their mom took the news after they came out as trans. At first she ignored them and then started being really ‘nasty’ and bullying them. ‘It surprised me. How could someone be that cruel to their own child?’ they say.

We also meet another trans teen who had to put up with slurs like ‘fat lesbian’ and ‘tranny’ at school. ‘I wanted to be straight and cis, because otherwise I was gonna be judged.’ They also say: ‘Now I am proud to be me. It takes time to find yourself. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, don’t be afraid to explore.’

One teen recalls how their science teacher stopped class and said: ‘Look at that little girl who wants to be a boy.’

‘It was a very tough time at that point. There was nothing I could do about the bullying if it was coming from staff as well.’

Another girl explains how she discovered she was bisexual shortly after finding out what it meant. She was bullied emotionally and also physically by other students and even her friends. She says she was forced to make new friends, but that it took a while, and now she is happy.

‘Tell someone you know who cares and will stand up for you and just try and stand up for yourself and don’t let someone bully you, because it’s not your fault who you are,’ she says.

‘You are who you are and you shouldn’t have to put up with someone telling you otherwise.’

Watch the videos below:


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