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Here comes Philippines’ first ever gay web series ‘Hanging out’

Philippines' first ever gay web series 'Hanging out'
TEAM – How did your first one night stand end?

Ever wonder how life’s like for a young gay Filipino?

Follow the footsteps of David, a young, introverted gay man whose attempt at a one-night stand leads him to a night full of surprises in the new web series, ‘Hanging Out,’

Produced by TEAM, a media company for gay Filipino men, alongside award-winning filmmaker Petersen Vargas, the show is known to be the first gay web series coming from the Philippines.

Shot and produced in Manila, the series is seen as especially significant, with the LGBT rights movement gaining more and more traction in the region.

Last year, Geraldine Roman became the first transgender woman to win a seat in congress.

‘I’ve always made it a point to make films about gay people the way I know how being gay is like,’ said director Petersen Vargas. ‘In a country where the LGBTs lack the representation that’s needed to really empower the community, a small step like having a web series focused entirely on the “gay life” is something that I feel is essential for growth.’

‘We know it’s still definitely a long way to go before we get to where we want,’ Vargas added. ‘But we’re willing to take the baby steps to wherever this will take us, to make each step really count.’


Wanggo Gallaga, one of Hanging Out’s writers, commented that ‘there is a real need for Filipino queer stories to be told now.’

He explained, ‘You can see it in social media: a new generation of young gay and trans men and women who wants to hear their stories told. That’s what we aimed to do with this web series. We wanted the series to be as true and as honest as it can be.’

Catch the first episode of the series here:


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