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WATCH: A powerful and emotional coming-of-age story

Didier Bivel’s Hidden Kisses had me in tears

Hidden Kisses trailer

Hidden Kisses, a film by Didier Bivel. Image courtesy of Breaking Glass Pictures

With a screenplay by Jérôme Larcher, filmmaker Didier Bivel gives us Hidden Kisses.

Sixteen-year-old Nathan (Bérenger Anceaux) is the new kid in high school. One night, while attending a party, he falls in love with Louis (Jules Houplain), a boy in his class. Able to sneak away from the crowd, they find themselves out of sight, and eventually work up the courage to kiss each other, but someone has seen them, someone took a photo of the kiss. As soon as the photo has been posted to social media, a storm of bullying and rejection overtakes their lives.

Cast includes:

  • Patrick Timsit
  • Barbara Schulz
  • Bruno Putzulu
  • Bérenger Anceaux
  • Jules Houplain
  • Lisa Kramarz
  • Nicolas Carpentier

With strong central performances from Anceaux and Houplain, Bivel has delivered an emotional film that will resonate with gay men around the world, and also with anyone who has been bullied for being different.

Hidden Kisses trailer

Hidden Kisses is distributed by Breaking Glass Pictures


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