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HIV Infection Rate Rockets Among Young Gay/Bi Men

HIV Infection Rate Rockets Among Young Gay/Bi Men

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published new data on HIV infections among gay and bisexual men. Although the rate of infection decreased overall, it’s surging among young men who have sex with men.

The CDC reports that “gay and bisexual men accounted for 83 percent (29,418) of the estimated new HIV diagnoses among all males aged 13 and older and 67 percent of the total estimated new diagnoses in the United States.”

They added that queer men “aged 13 to 24 accounted for an estimated 92 percent of new HIV diagnoses among all men in their age group and 27 percent of new diagnoses among all gay and bisexual men.”


In a press release, Dr. Eugene McCray, director of the CDC’s Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention said, “Unfortunately, progress remains uneven across communities and populations.”

He continued, “High-impact prevention strategies must continue to be developed and implemented at the state and local levels to accelerate progress. That means more testing to diagnose infections, increasing the proportion of people with HIV who are taking HIV treatment effectively and maximizing the impact of all available prevention tools.”

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