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What It’s Like Hooking Up With a Cocky, Jacked Up Stud!

I’ve never been with cocky

Cocky stud

Are you into muscle guys? I sure am. In fact, one of my favorite things in the world is body worship – with me doing the worshiping.

Man, just thinking about it now gets me all worked up.

There’s just something hot about a confident guy who strikes a pose and tells you what to do. It’s even better when the guy gets all dominant and calls you names.

Maybe that’s not your thing – which is cool. To each his own and I respect that. All I know is that I dig it.

Regardless, I’d like to tell you a quick story about a dude I recently got with who really did it for me. What follows is a little NSFW – fair warning.

So, I met this guy named Griffin on one of the apps over the holidays. He was in town visiting family and had decided to hop to get his needs met.

Well, at least that’s what his profile said.

“If I’m online, I’m looking for right now. Assertive, dominant type. No BS so don’t waste my time. Absolutely no PNP.”

After I hit him up, he let me know right away what he wanted. Something fast – like a fast BNG. “I don’t have a lot of time so it needs to be quick. Are you down or not?” he wrote in one of our exchanges.

Normally, that’s not my thing. I like to spend a little time with a guy, you know? But in his case, I couldn’t refuse.

There’s no real way for me to describe him except to say he was a bodybuilder with cool arm tats. A slight resemblance to Chris Wood? What else … he also had a scruffy face with brownish hair and blue eyes.

When I asked him for specifics on what he was looking for, here’s what he messaged me back:

“It’s like this yo – I come over to your place. When I walk in the door, I find you on your knees. I pull out my d**k and you do your thing until I nut. Then I bolt.”

He seemed cool enough and since I was feeling horned up, I figured why not. Plus, it had been awhile since I had tasted a guy’s cream.

Fast forward to Griffin’s arrival at my place, which happened at exactly the moment he said it would. The man was prompt, which is kind of refreshing.

So as agreed to, I was in the living room, on my knees wearing nothing but a pair of jeans (I went commando, per his request).

That’s when things got weird – and frankly, hot.

cocky twink

After stepping through the door, he walked right up in front of me. Like a drill sergeant, he ordered me to unzip him. His voice was monotone but also deep.

“Do it slowly – don’t get my sh-t caught in the zipper.”

There was a cockiness about him. And it wasn’t so much what he said but how he was saying it.

So, there I am bobbing for apples, doing my best to siphon him out.

While I was doing it, he took off his coat and shirt. Moments later, he started flexing like he was putting on a show.

“Don’t look at me – just keep doing your job,” he said to me when I tried to make eye contact.

Even though none of this was part of the agreement, it really turned me on. When he caught me looking again, he pulled me up and shoved my face into his armpit.

Isn’t that weird? And I want to emphasize here the guy wasn’t abusive or anything. Like I said, he cocky and vibed out this weird energy. Truly, I wish I could explain it better.

About 5-minutes into the pit licking, he warned me he was going to blow. I guess it was turning him on. So, down I want back into the siphoning position.

Just before releasing, I swear to you that he cupped my chin and made me look right into his eyes.

“All of it – don’t miss one drop. Got it, boy?”

And then bam – he started squirting. Like A LOT! And while he was doing it, he started flexing his biceps again. It was like the dude was some type of testosterone beast!

While I can’t be sure, I would bet real money he was jacked up on steroids. Hey, there’s no way you get huge guns and a blown-out torso like his unless you are injecting something.

I’ve dated guys who are jacked up before and know the look well, particularly if they are stacking on deca durabolin.

As write this, I bet the roids are what made him so assertive. Think that’s possible?

What I can’t figure out is how the dude squirted out so much. Usually, when a guy is on roids, it’s hard to get water to pump from the well (if you know what I mean).

“All of it – don’t miss one drop. Got it, boy?”

At any rate, when he finished, I excused myself to the bathroom to rinse out my mouth. Two minutes later, I returned to the living room.

And just like that, Griffin was gone. Poof. Adios – gone.

Sometime later, I hopped back on the app to see if he was still online. He wasn’t but there was a message from him.

“Cool bud – that was fun. I’ll hit you up when I’m in town and need to unload again.”

At the end of that message, there was a bicep emoji. No smiley face. No, “thanks”. No fist-bump. Just a curled-up bicep. Odd, huh?

There’s no real point here except to say it was my first time getting with a cocky, jacked up stud. In a weird kind of way, the entire experience turned me on.

I wonder if I was turned by his body or his arrogance? And what does that say about me? Am I f—ked up or just into that kind of sh-t?


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