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We’re Gagging On Hot Guys in Jeans!

Hotties in jeans rock!

Guys in Jeans

Are you a sucker for hot guys in jeans? Does seeing a smoking hot dude in denim pants get your juices flowing? Are you into checking out certain body parts because they totally stand out?

Here’s the deal – I love cruising men in jeans. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been attracted to this look. Doesn’t matter if it’s a football player getting his weekend on or some stud from my gym running around in a pair of 501’s.

I’m always DTF for a hot guy in jeans!

Stud! Don’t you want to lick him?

Everyone has their thing. For some reading this post, it’s guys in sweats. Others are into the whole jockstrap thing. That’s cool. But I’m just saying I’m a denim man.

Here are my five reasons for gagging on hot jocks in jeans. I’m hoping by the end of this post, you’ll be gagging too – a lot!

Check it out.

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1. Amazing curves

The first thing I notice when a jock is wearing jeans is his behind. Yep, I totally do! And if the dude has a bubble butt, even better!

What can be SUPER HOT is when the denim is tight and you can see his crack. Oh, the mind can conjure up all sorts of things when this happens!

2. Manly vibe

Another reason I like gagging on jocks in jeans is their manly vibe. I know that may sound silly but the look just does it for me!

This one is particularly true if the guy has some holes in his denim and frays by his crotch. That’s a sign of something delicious and wonderful. Hey, are your jeans worn out in this area?

3. Bulges

Yep, I’m a man-whore. I am totally “that guy” who checks out bulges. And let me tell you, when a jock has the right pair of jeans on, you can see a lot!

Especially if they go commando baby!

bulge in jeans

4. Great for BNG!

Are you into BNG? I sure am. And one of the best things about a jock in jeans is the ability to get him off and get him out! It’s as simple as unzip (or unbutton), drain, and swallow!

What I like doing is placing one hand around a bun (touching the denim of course) and pulling him close just before the squirt. That sh—t is hot AF!

5. Muscles and more

My final reason for gagging on a jean wearing jock is his casual look. If he’s built, you can see his quads, calves and hamstrings right through the material.

Obviously, much depends on the type of denim he’s wearing. I prefer men in a classic boot cut myself. But hey, like I said, everyone has their thing.

So, there it is guys – my massively shallow, vapid, and ridiculous reasons for digging jocks in jeans.

Are you into this look?

sexy shirtless guy in jeans


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