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Meet The Hot Instagrammer Troy Pes

Instagrammer Troy Pes loves showing off his best assets.

hot hunk Troy Pes

We’re a bit obsessed with hot hunk Troy Pes and we ain’t feeling sorry about it. The Venezuelan Instagram and YouTube personality made a splash on the networks with his shirtless selfies and funny captions. He has built an audience of 325k followers on Insta and his feed is goals!

Let’s get to know him a little bit…

Troy was born in Venezuela, and then moved to Sydney, Australia. One of his favourite destinations is LA. Zaddy loves traveling and exploring the world.

From his dashing smile to his gorgeous eyes, you won’t be able to pull yourself away from his charm.

A man born under the star sign of Cancer, like Troy is artistically gifted and that just makes him even sexier. Troy designs T-shirts and tank tops for a unisex brand called DAZDAT and takes breathtaking photos – although most of his selfies are taken by his best friends or partner. Beyonce does it, so why won’t Troy? He also loves videography and has invested a lot of his spare time to film and create videos that somehow portray stages of his life or creative concepts.

Troy used to be an actor on several TV soap operas and series in his hometown. He has a great deal of experience in TV production and advertising which has made him develop a comprehensive understanding of all the logistics of pre-production, the actual production and post-production.

He is not a 9-5 guy though. He is a full-time Instagram Influencer who loves posting steamy photos that show off his best assets.

Here’s just a few of our favourite sexy photos from the hot model’s Instagram.

Tbh, What is instagram without its hoes #zaddy

Een bericht gedeeld door Troy 🌵🍑🌴 (@troypes) op

Tbh, The focal point in this picture is defo the hairy silver cactus on the left

Een bericht gedeeld door Troy 🌵🍑🌴 (@troypes) op

If you want to know him better you can watch his – hot and adorable at the same time – Q&A videos on Youtube.

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