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How Often Do Gay Men Have Anal Sex?

Study Finds 13% of Gay Men Have Anal Sex Every Day

anal sexTo learn more about gay men and anal sex, Bespoke Surgical conducted an online survey and asked 600 Americans about their experiences with anal. To improve the reliability of the data, researchers selected self-identified gay men to participate in the research.

According to their learnings, 13 percent of gay men have anal sex daily, 24 percent have anal twice a month, and 39 percent have anal couple of times a week. Of the participants, one in six claims to have sex less than once yearly.

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The researchers also asked participants on their favored sexual position, with 39 percent of gay men identifying as tops, 33 percent as versatile, and 29 percent revealing their bottoming bent.

When asked about prepping for sex, only 42 percent of gay men use an anal douching, with 21 percent declaring they “sometimes do so,” and 38 percent stating they seldom or “never do.” The researchers also found that gay men who have anal sex daily are 1.3 – 2.1 times more likely to use an anal cleansing product that their less active counterparts.

Surprisingly, just 37 percent of gay men use a condom when engaging in anal sex, while 21 percent “occasionally do” and 16 percent “never do.”


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