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How to get rock-hard abs in 2017 (ft. Asia’s hottest fitness trainer)

The video has been viewed over 10 million times in just a couple of hours

How to get rock-hard abs
Facebook – Jordon Yeoh is a fitness trainer based in Malaysia

Malaysian fitness trainer Jordan Yeoh not only has a hot physique, he’s also very hot on social media.

With over 3 million followers on Facebook, it’s no wonder his fitness tutorials go viral real quick with thousands upon thousands of likes and shares.

In his latest video, Yeoh shares with his fans his secret to having a sculpted abdomen.

In one minute, he goes through an easy-to-follow ‘basic abs circuit’ which anyone can complete at home, no weights or equipment needed.

The regime consists of five different workouts: the ‘butterfly,’ the ‘dynamic plank,’ the ‘leg raise,’ the ‘Russian twist’ and the ‘plank crunch.’

In less than five hours from posting, the video tutorial has gathered over 14 million views.

Seems like getting fit is on many people’s 2017 resolutions list.

Watch it now:

Yeoh says on his Facebook, ‘I wasn’t born with this physique… I’ve been skinny and fat, zero confidence to almost every area of my life.’

‘My life changed dramatically when I started working out for like 5 days a week,’ he continued. ‘A few years later not only I saw improvement on my health and outlook, but it helped me to persist many other negative things in life!’

He encourages his fans to trust their pains and struggles in life.

‘What I’ve learned from gym room… No pain no gain! The harder you struggle the more glorious the triumph! Yup, Life is Up and Down, but every downfall doesn’t mean is bad,’ he writes.

‘Just like working out, those pain can be really painful and annoying, but pain is the sign of weakness leaving the body, they are your strength for tomorrow! The best part? Your gains actually last much longer than your pain.’

What is your new year’s resolution?


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