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Stop Slut Shaming Me Because I BNG Guys From My Gym! [NSFW]

Yes, I like doing BNG. So what?!

blow and go

Do you like oral? I sure do. In fact, I like it so much that I don’t require reciprocation. Hey, everyone has their thing. You may like bottoming. Your bestie might dig topping.

My fav happens to be BNG.

In case you don’t know, BNG is the acronym for “Blow and Go”.

I can only speak for myself but there’s nothing like servicing a man on the fly and swallowing him up. But that doesn’t stop friends of mine from making unkind remarks.

“Man, you are such a slut. My buddy told me he saw you doing two guys at in the showers last week,” said a friend of mine recently.


Yeah, it is true. I did BNG on a couple of dudes in the wet area at my gym – so what! Almost all the members identify as gay.

The steam room and showers are known for action. Why should I spend hours on the apps looking to drain some guy when I can get what I want super-fast?

Nobody is getting hurt. And it’s a win-win for me and the guys I BNG on. That doesn’t make me a slut.

If people are going to call me that, then it’s only fair to call the men who are receiving oral “sluts” too.

I’ve always found it interesting how folks in our community gossip on others who are sexually active. “Oh, I heard he is a man-whore!” Oh, and: “Yeah, that guy is on the apps 24-7. He’s a pig.”

cum in mouth

Well, f— that noise. At least I go down on guys in front of people and don’t hide behind torso shots on Scruff. Plus, I LIKE draining out muscled-up dudes and quickly moving on.

I don’t need their name. Honestly, why is that necessary when all I really want is their load.

Say what you will. To me, there’s no difference between what I do and any anyone else looking to get laid.

And if you happen to be one of those guys who likes to watch, guess what – that apparently makes you a “slut” too!


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