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Imagining Jesse Metcalfe As Your Boyfriend

A guy can dream, right?

Jesse Metcalfe shirtless

Can I level with you? I’ve kind of developed a super bad crush on actor (and apparently, vocalist) Jesse Metcalfe. I know there’s a lot of stuff that’s been written about him here on GPB and around the web.

Still – the guy just does it for me.

Not long ago, I read that he was part Portuguese and Italian. It was the Latin man part that really flipped my cookies. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because every Latin guy I’ve been with has been ridiculously hot in the sack.

How attached is he to his Latin-ness? When he makes love, does he whisper sweet things in Spanish? Just writing this now kind of gets me worked up!

That said, it would be unfair to generalize my experiences. After all, just because a guy is part (fill in the blank) doesn’t mean he is (fill in blank again).

But have you been to Jesse’s Instagram page lately? It’s completely yummed out. If he’s not riding a motorcycle through the streets, he’s playing his guitar and singing songs.

Isn’t that dreamy?

#FBF Playing Christopher Ewing on the reboot of #Dallas on #TNT circa 2014.

Een bericht gedeeld door Jesse Metcalfe (@realjessemetcalfe) op

First catch of the season! 11 pound King Salmon!!! 🎣

Een bericht gedeeld door Jesse Metcalfe (@realjessemetcalfe) op

#TBT Maui, Hawaii 2007 💦

Een bericht gedeeld door Jesse Metcalfe (@realjessemetcalfe) op

When I look at his pics, I often wonder what it would be like to man-kiss him? Given his scruffed out face, would he give me whisker burns? And what would he feel like, pressed up against my backside?

Apologies, I don’t mean to get nasty like that. Well, yeah I do. There’s no point in hiding it.

One thing I’ve notice about him is that he likes to take tons of pics around cars and bikes. In some strange way, they kind of add to his manliness.

Such a boss shot! Paps caught me visiting my girl at her office. #Harleydavidson #Harley #HarleyRocker

Een bericht gedeeld door Jesse Metcalfe (@realjessemetcalfe) op

In my fantasies about Jesse, he drives up to my home in a pickup and orders me to jump in. Then, with the sun setting in the background, we drive off to a place he only knows.

The photo below is one of my favorites of the man. Just imagine him standing over you with his arms folded. Let your mind do the rest.

I really do wish Jesse were my boyfriend – or at least someone who looked like Jesse. Darn his green eyes!

Thanks for reading my random fantasy.  🙂


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