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Irish ‘Christian’ company refuses to print wedding invites for gay couples

Irish ‘Christian’ company refuses to print wedding invites for gay couples
Facebook – Irish gay couples are being denied service at Beulah Print

A printing company has refused to print wedding invitations for a same-sex couple because they feel it goes against their Christian belief.

Beulah Print, based in Drogheda, has declined an order for a woman who is planning her marriage.

‘Went into a wedding shop to get invitations done, so excited going in!’ she wrote on Facebook.

‘I was giving details to the guy and then he soon realised I was gay.

‘He said sorry you can’t get invitations done here as I have my own beliefs. WOW. I thought this country had moved on from that.’

Noel Tuite, the co-owner, confirmed to the Irish Independent a woman had called into the office and asked about printing the wedding invites.

‘It is true. We declined to print the invitations,’ Tuite told the Irish Independent.

‘We are Christians. It was on grounds of our faith.’

This is the second time Beulah Print has refused to serve a gay couple based on their religious beliefs.

It comes after Jonathon Brennan, a hair salon owner, was also denied service. He too wanted wedding invites made to his long-term partner John Kierans.

‘The printers says it is down to their Christian values but to me their values are most un-Christian,’ he told ITV News.

‘I was brought up as a Catholic man and taught to love one another. It shocks me, I’m horrified that people can be refused business in this way because of their sexuality.’

In a statement, Beulah Print has said they have been other occasions when they have refused to serve same-sex couple.

‘We have turned down other classes of work that we’d not be happy to print – mainly things that are borderline pornographic,’ he said.

In a statement, Beulah Print added: ‘We, at Beulah Print, are Bible-believing Christians who are committed to standing by our conscience and God’s Word.

‘We have been in business for 12 years during which time we have held to our convictions and have at times declined a variety of work which we felt was clearly contrary to our beliefs.

‘We have never hidden our faith from our customers and represent the gospel at every opportunity.’


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