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Is there an ‘ideal penis size’ you wish you have? Watch these men get theirs

YouTube  Is this a good penis size for you?
YouTube – Is this a good penis size for you?

We live in a world where the subject of the ‘ideal penis size‘ or the ‘average penis size‘ gets talked about a whole lot.

But is bigger really better? Does size really matter that much? Why do so many men, gay or straight, think that they would prefer to have a bigger manhood?

Well, perhaps it has got something to do with the porn we watch these days. We see actors with bulky muscles and big size family jewels on display.

They arouse our senses. We see them as sexually attractive and pleasing. We cum to them.

Subconsciously, our minds begin to subscribe to those beauty standards. We start to think that to become as appealing/date-able/fuckable, we need to be ripped — or at least have some defined lines on our body.

And of course, we need to have a big penis.

Okay, muscles can be trained and body fat can be lost, but penis size can’t be changed, right? It’s all based on genetics.

Well fine, you could go for a penile enlargement surgery, but such an ‘upgrade’ is a huge risk, as well as a costly to take.

Size discrimination can be pretty real for some people. Take this poor guy who said he got dumped six times in a year because of his small penis size.

Though, we also have those who believe that you can always ‘compensate’ the lack of length or girth with other ‘skills,’ such as being able to give a good blowjob/rimjob/whatever-job.

For the guys at BuzzFeed, they were told to share about their ideal penis size. They first drew their own penis on paper and then they drew their ideal penis shape and size on the other side.

Not surprisingly, the men wished for bigger, longer and more perfect-looking manhood. But would they really love carrying around a bigger dong in between their legs?

Watch their reactions when they get a taste of having their dream pornstar-like penis.

What do you think? Would you prefer to have a bigger penis? And how big is big enough?

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