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Is this the world’s longest rainbow sidewalk?

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world’s longest rainbow sidewalk
Twitter / CityofAdelaide – The Rainbow Walk was launched in celebration of South Australia’s LGBT community

There have been a number of rainbow crossings and streets, be it for Pride or year-round.

But what was unveiled in the Australian city of Adelaide on Thursday might just be the longest rainbow path in the world – at least it looks like it might be.

Officially called the Rainbow Walk, the track runs through the city center and even crosses Light Square.

Calling it a perfect addition to the city, Lord Mayor Haese told Out in Perth it was ‘very fitting’ and ‘looks like it absolutely belongs in Light Square’.

Launched just in time for the annual Feast Festival, Adelaide’s arts and culture festival celebrating diverse sexualities and genders, it’s more than just a colorful gesture.

Instead, it serves as a timeline highlighting the South Australian’s LGBT community’s milestones.

‘We have a very proud story to tell here in South Australia,’ Robert Simms, former Adelaide City Councillor and Green Senator, told 891 ABC Adelaide.

‘We were the first state in the country to decriminalize homosexuality.’

By way of celebration, that’s the timeline’s starting point – but there’s still room for more on the Rainbow Walk.

‘It’s a reminder of how far we’ve come on the journey for law reform for LGBT Australians,’ Simms said.

‘But it’s also a reminder, too. This ranbow doesn’t end and we’ve still got work to do.’

And in times where Australia is debating marriage equality, and after a plebiscite on the matter fell through, we definitely know which milestone we’d like to see added to the rainbow.


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