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WATCH: Javier Baez Bares His Bum To ESPN

Javier Baez is an Amazing Man.

Javier Baez poses naked

At 24-years-old, Baez has already done so much. He has helped the Chicago Cubs become World Series winners. He has a silver medal from the World Baseball Classic. And, he is also an NLCS MVP.

But along with all of his accolades and accomplishments, comes the very fact that Javier Baez is personally an amazing guy.

Now, we could be like all the other gay themed news sites and talk about how Baez bares his butt for the world on the cover of ESPN’s latest Body Issue magazine, but we also would like to talk about who Javier Baez is as a person.

(Though, we know some want to see the photo, so look below).

In Baez’s own words to ESPN, he has been through a lot in life.

“I’ve learned to be strong. My father and my great-grandmother died within the very same week. On the next Wednesday, I was mugged. I was 11 years old. I had a gun put next to my chest. I have lived a lot of different situations.”

One such situation that the Puerto Rican born athlete went through was growing up with extremely crooked feet. It was so bad that the first time he properly walked was after he became a year old.

Javier Baez naked
Image Sources: Dylan Coulter / ESPN and Eric Lutzens / ESPN

In order to fix his feet, he had to continuously wear tight orthopedic boots to correct and straighten himself.

But those problems with his walking and posture didn’t compare to the problems that his sister had.

“I’m strong as well because I’ve seen all the things my sister, Noely [who had spina bifida], has gone through… She is my biggest inspiration. She loved going to the ballpark; she never missed a game. She cheered a lot. We had a lot of fun together.”

“I still cry for her. Whenever I go to Puerto Rico, I go to her grave and I sit there and let it all out.”

Baez then went further to talk about how inspired he was by his mother’s dedication:

“My mother stopped living for herself in order to live with my sister for 22 years. And she never complained. For me, that is incredible. She did everything my sister needed to be done, gracefully. They, and my whole family, are my inspiration.”

In fact, when it comes to his family this man is absolutely adorable. He loves and cares for his mother, his brothers, and his later father and sister.

You can see that in not only the way he interacts with them, but also in the fact that he’s marked himself with tattoos in honor of all of them.


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