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Telenovella Star Jorge Alberti’s Leaked Pics Are Muy Caliente [NSFW]

Jorge Alberti’s Leaked Pics

Jorge Alberti’s Leaked Pics

The whole world should pay more attention to telenovellas.

The stories are crazy, the fights are outrageous, and the men are gorgeous. Don’t believe me? Just check out Jorge Alberti… and I mean check out all of him.

Jorge Alberti is a popular telenovela star from Puerto Rico. In addition, Jorge is constantly getting work. He’s been working for over a decade now in multiple telenovelas, commercials, and even a reality dance show once.

As for some of his drama work, Jorge Alberti has starred in telenovelas like Passions, EmperatrizLa Otra Cara del Alma, and most recently… Hombre Tenías que Ser.

And in his work Jorge has become known as a heartthrob in his own right. He’s gotten jobs as a model and is often found shirtless in his shows. Jorge Alberti knows what people want from him.

But, what people, and probably Jorge himself, didn’t expect was to see so much of Jorge Alberti online. That’s right, leaked photos of Jorge have found their way onto the internet.

Jorge looks to be taking snaps to send to probably a lover (so hopefully these photos were taken before he got married!) but it seems like whoever got a hold of those pics couldn’t keep them to themselves.

But hey, we should be thanking the leaker (even if it was Alberti himself in a plot to get some publicity) because now we get to see Jorge Alberti in all of his glory.

See the NSFW pictures below:

Jorge Alberti's Leaked Pics


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